Zodiac signs: Why are you terrified of love?

Love's fantastic. Find the person you can share your happiness and life with for a fairy tale happy ending. Fearing love and avoiding it makes finding true love nearly difficult.

Aries thrives on freedom and space since you work best that way. You always worry that love would slow you down, never let you develop, and remove your independence.


Taurus fears change and loves comfort. You love affection, but you've depended on yourself for so long that change makes you uneasy.


The most unpredictable are Geminis. Your mind is always changing. The same happens with love.


This sensitive and passionate sign gives their all to their partner. Since you made bad relationship sacrifices, you may be wary of trusting someone again.


You enjoy love but are choosy and have high standards, which is acceptable but occasionally pushes away potential partners.


Virgos analyze and only display what they want. Being flawless and not fulfilling their own standards attracts emotionally unavailable individuals.



Because they believe in real love, Librans are not scared to commit or make promises. Their indecision and dread of being alone lead to casual flings and dalliances.


You crave love and passion, yet your distrust makes you afraid of betrayal.


Sagittarius, you're curious, enthusiastic, and always out for adventure. Love is something you want, but being limited to it is boring.


Duty, focus, and discipline characterize you. Love is wild and unexpected, therefore you dread it. You want to know how you and they felt before falling in love.

Aquarians like independence and singlehood. Imagine a universe of possibilities. You dread love because you don't want to be confined.



Pisces, your altruism makes you fear being used. Love frightens you since you don't want to be used again and must give your best.

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