Zodiac signs' main pros and cons

They can use the zodiac signs' strengths and weaknesses to identify their strengths and limitations. Zodiac features reflect your character.

Once determined, Aries can climb any mountain. They also have a concealed impostor syndrome that may tear down their confidence if unchecked. 


When things go tough, Taureans are the most loyal allies. Do not cross them because they have a mile-wide obstinate streak and can retain a grudge like no one else. 


As an air sign, Geminis can adapt to any environment and will lead the pack if thrown to the wolves.


Cancers have endless love and loyalty behind their gloomy castle. Pity few will feel it since they can't express their hearts. 


Originally a showcase animal, this lion loves being the center of attention. However, their inborn belief that they are always right allows them to ignore others' feelings


Because of their order and determination, Virgos would lead the world into the new dawn if it ended tomorrow. Due to self-doubt, they are hardest on themselves. 



If you need someone to listen and put oneself in your situation, call the first Libra in your contacts.


Scorpios are passionate and can make every moment wild. They'll do anything to suit your emotional needs, but they're notoriously hidden—good luck reading this locked book. 


Sags are the best storytellers, with the crowd hanging on their every word. They might talk big, but it can be hard to get them to deliver. 


Caps can take the world, but nothing would stop them until they did. A realistic mentality, they might miss subtlety and be harsh of others' faults. 

A deep-thinking, humanitarian Aquarian wants to transform the world. Shame they left the party early since their reclusiveness makes it hard to form relationships. 



An imaginative Pisces might take you to a fantastic realm. They are kind, yet their delicate heart makes them easy prey.

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