Zodiac signs can't keep secrets, rated

Some zodiac signs die with their secrets, unlike those who can't and become vaults when given critical information. Choose zodiac signs that will listen to your concerns.

Nomadic signs don't carry emotional baggage, certainly not their own. They may share your secrets to escape the emotional weight and go to Bali before you can get upset.


This airy social sign can be a touch shady with secrets, but they're your #1 source for all the hidden gossip in your buddy group, so let's call it even.


This fire sign may misshare the secret they were told not to share in the group conversation, but they don't do this to cause trouble—they don't have a filter and think others don't too.


As a simple sign, Virgo's internal system functions smoothly. Add a secret they shouldn't tell but may damage someone they love and the system may breakdown.


A Cap's inner refuge is black-and-white—no grey region. They'd rather you not tell them their secrets, thank you, since they hate deception.


A Leo's universe revolves around them, therefore they may share sensitive facts of your life since they were so consumed with their own life that they forgot why.



Look to an Aqaurius for perspective and reason. Halfway through your story, they probably ignored the don't-share-this-with-anyone restriction and solved the universe's biggest issues.


Taureans can't cure the world's problems, but they can listen, support, and promise to keep your private life secret until you tell them.


Libras love the underdog and will dive into an active volcano before talking about something that might hurt someone they care about.



What secret? There are no mysteries here. Cancer is extremely maternal and loving, thus they never knowingly communicate something harmful.

Scorpio, the keeper of all mysteries and sharer of none, will lock up your secret in a vault and flood the spot with motion sensor laser beams to prevent anybody from accessing it.



Pisces are often underestimated, yet they hold all your friends' sensitive information. People can relax around them, and their loyalty ensures that your trust will never be shaken.

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