Zodiac sign symbols—what do they mean?

People's personalities are shown through zodiac signs. We chose based on our zodiac signs. Astrology symbols span millennia. But it's not scientific enough now. 

Aries bear rams. Ram's horns indicate Aries' courage. They embrace challenges and thrive under pressure with something to look forward to, making them happy and appreciated. 


Bulls symbolize Taurus. It has a bull glyph with large curving horns. Taurus is aggressive, virile, and forceful. They have a profound inner life, the most conscious messages.


To represent Gemini twins. Two lines join Gemini. Signs reveal Gemini's dualism and neutrality. Take a rest, famous twins. Although friendly, they may be serious and restless.


The crab represents Cancer's self-preservation. Cancer depicts the breasts and its caring nature with its crab-shaped emblem.


Lions are Leo's bold, regal, and playful. Leo represents lion's head, mane, and tail. The circle symbolizes the Sun, while the arc shows Leo's might.


Virgins wield wheat shafts to signify Virgo. The damsel represents Virgo's urge to help and serve, while the wheat represents her skill to sort wheat from chaff. 



Scales symbolize Libra. Scales reveal Libra emphasizes fairness, balance, harmony, and justice. Libra's emblem signifies equality or the horizon as the Sun rises. Librans are the most tranquil.


Scorpio represents the scorpion. The scorpion symbolizes Scorpio's ability to conceal and watch while delivering crippling stings. Scorpio's M has a barbed tail rising. 


The centaur represents Sagittarius' dualism and ambiguity. Sagittarius' glyph is an upward-pointing arrow, symbolizing their precision and accuracy. The most positive indicator. 


Sea goats represent Capricorn's capacity to climb difficult mountains despite emotional hardship. Sea-goat glyph. Capricorns will do anything to achieve their lofty but doable goals. 

Aquarius' jug-pouring water bearer represents humanity's thirst for enlightenment. Aquarius' quick thinking and unlimited perspective are symbolized by two lightning bolt-shaped zig-zags. 



The fish represent Pisces. Its glyph depicts two tethered fish swimming oppositely. Pisces must unite the material and spiritual worlds to bring heaven to earth. 

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