Zodiac sign relationship needs vs. wants

Every relationship needs something different. We prioritize needs over love, desire, and security. Perfect relationships are ideal, but we need love. 

Aries is controlled by Lord Mangal, the fire element, therefore they require encouragement, energy, and backup from their spouse.


Venus, its ruling planet, relies on others for assistance. They live a lavish lifestyle and need someoe to tell them what's right and appreciate.


They master vaguely conveying requirements and wishes. These illogical people need affirmation from others. Dependent on positive people, they require guidance.


Moon controls emotions. Although autonomous, famous planets can convince them. They value affection, care, and dedication yet just need themselves and are confident.


These tigers live alone and have clear requirements. Additionally, they prefer to force their will on others. They can also be unreasonable.


They know what they need despite Mercury's perplexity. They crave love but don't know how to show it. Thus, they require significant relationship assistance.



Their opulent lifestyle is supported by their wants. To win their partner's favor, they need family and friends, but their desire trumps all.


Mars makes decisions for them. Follow their instructions and trust them. Unmet goals. For love, they'll do everything. They require it.


They are the most organized sun sign and know what they want. They do everything alone since they don't enjoy being dependent on others. 


They believe themselves superior and make forceful decisions. They desire a stubborn partner, yet all they want is someone they can cuddle with. 

Their interpersonal demands are clear from their bluntness. They ensure they get what they desire. So aspirations and needs don't conflict. 



They want a spiritual match. Sensitive and empathic, they need someone to hold them back to fantasy and avoid relationship realities. Spouse must do it.

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