Zodiac Sign Health and Body Tips

Ancient medicine that links each horoscope sign to a bodily component. Astrology for medical diagnosis and prevention is simple and sensible.

Energy-filled Aries moves too fast to monitor. Wear a helmet when biking, skiing, or playing sports since your sign governs the head and face.


Taurus is famous for their love of eating, but it's their throat. Taurus often has sore throats and thyroid troubles, so have lozenges in the medicine cabinet and don't smoke!


Decrease coffee intake and do yoga to reduce anxiety in Gemini. An even-better massage will relieve shoulder and arm discomfort.


Replace fatty foods with low-fat ones and monitor your digestive system. Milk make you sick? Remove it. Add broccoli and cabbage to your diet to prevent stomach and breast cancer.


To avoid back discomfort, Leo may wish to get a nice mattress and follow warnings on how to move big goods to avoid throwing out your back.


Analytical and worried, Virgo might have an upset stomach if they don't eat well and exercise. Eating well and exercising regularly will aid Virgo's digestion and nerves.



Libras are more prone to kidney and bladder issues, so avoid overeating and drinking but cranberry juice, which can prevent kidneys from stones.


Scorpios should also avoid sexually transmitted illnesses when secretly sexing. Scorpio males should also avoid alcohol to keep "things" in order.


Sagittarius is athletic yet loves to eat, so check for weight gain in thighs and hips and avoid Nightshade foods like tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant to prevent arthritis.


Prevent osteoporosis by using knee supports before being hurt and getting adequate calcium throughout your life. Fruits like apples, artichokes, and figs help!

Aquarius controls the ankles, so avoid jogging in high heels and always wear ankle-supporting shoes or boots when trekking or running.



Dreamy Pisces governs the feet and immune system, so take shoe precautions like Aquarius and watch out for colds and respiratory issues. Pisces, you need a hand sanitizer.

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