Zodiac Sign Diet Won't Make You Fat

Modern life is plagued with obesity. Urbanites face this issue more. Besides eating, astrology causes fat. Because of bad planets, the guy gets overweight. The major cause of obesity is Jupiter. 

Fire signs appreciate spicy cuisine because of their intense nature. Obesity grows. Curd buttermilk, cold milk, brown bread, and cooked veggies slim. Paneer feeds and prevents obesity.


Earth signs love devouring everything. Value nice food and salad. Venus makes your fat and tasty. Eat seasonal fruit, greens, salad, lemon, and honey in lukewarm water to avoid obesity.


Vata, Pitta, and Kapha concerns aside, you like eating and drinking. Burgers, pizzas, and wheat are good late-night foods. Healthy: soy, paneer, parsley, mushrooms, and cooked potatoes. 


People under this zodiac are lively and active. Your zodiac experience phlegm. Moon's zodiac sign calls for sweets. Eat soy milk and cheese to keep it ineffective. Avoid rice at night.


Fire signs are intense. You value your health and fitness. Bile from your body. Eat greens and dry fruits. Avoid sour fruits. You may cook using olive, almond, or sunflower oil.


You live more orderly. Your dietary habits reflect this. Jupiter aids your sign. Weight governs you. Get more whole grains and greens. Drink herbal tea, black pepper, and organic foods more.



Your connection is air. You care about your looks. Your air-dominated body makes arthritis easier. Gout is linked to fat. Beware obesity. This should utilize green vegetables. 


Your zodiac is all about you and your looks. Your stomach hurts because bile functions better on their zodiac sign. Additionally, prevent obesity. Beetroot and pomegranate are healthy.


Jupiter favors lower body fat. Your zodiac is phlegm. Planets may cause obesity. Take care of your zodiac. Eat more carrot juice, fruits, roasted foods, and grains.


Saturn-ruled zodiacs disregard health. Your body is Vata, therefore give up your carelessness and reduce weight. Saturn will slow your obesity. 

Exercise but not eating well for your zodiac. As Saturn dominates your zodiac, your Vata body eats badly. Lose weight with more veggies, almonds, walnuts, and olive oil. Stay away from whole milk. 



Moisture indicators. Fat is strong. Use today's lifestyle wisely. Fast-growing low-calorie obesity. Fats are replaced by food. Turnip, carrot, pumpkin, radish, lettuce, pineapple. Weight loss and fitness guaranteed.

Stay tuned for developments.