Zodiac Sign Couple Texts,

We can converse via text, but we also feel detached from society.  It's OK to text pals instead of phoning, but we used to talk. 

Aries are passionate and enthusiastic everyone. You'll likely receive their latest leadership promotion SMS.  They may ask you to their next gym excursion since they love individual sports.


Patient and loyal, Tauruses are obstinate. You'll probably get a text about their favorite dish, new song, or ideal mate.


Nearly everything Geminis love messaging. Team communicates well and argues everything.  Receive their new book's universe-opening SMS. Their next town excursion will be texted.


Cancerians are kind.  Every day, I'll SMS you positive texts to remind you why you matter.  They'll text you about something great they saw or made since Cancers appreciate art.


Leos are generous, exuberant, and like the high life.  They'll text you about their next vacation or performance they think you'll like.


Virgos are loyal, analytical, and shy.  They'll probably text about animals, novels, and nature.  These can't injure them like people can.



Libras are polite yet quiet.  They won't call you about a heated new contested topic since it will break them up.  They'll talk about nature or common experiences.


Secretive Scorpios are devoted.  Ask about pineapples on pizza and they'll send you a thought-provoking article. Expect winky and grinning face emoticons in their texts—they like teasing.


Sagittarius enjoys comedy but is impatient.  You'll be texted about their trips or plans.  You'll be invited to beach frisbee or park walks. Outside is their thing.


Your Capricorn may be condescending when responsible.  They text music and tradition as if they knew everything. They love talking about family and spending time together.

The Aquarius may text you an invitation.  Conversationalists, they love socializing. They'll inquire when, what, and how you're free. Perfect if you can now.



Pisces write to ask what you're listening to and why.  There are also personal questions.  They'll email you their favorite picture or movie if they like visuals.

Stay tuned for developments.