Zodiac Sign Conduct

Key is communication. But not everyone. Some choose to avoid the issue and move forward. Find out how sun signs resolve conflicts.

Woah! You shouldn't face an Aries. They may grow irritated before understanding the circumstance or your perspective. 


Taureans are modest until challenged. They defend themselves and strive to outdo you. 


You know your Gemini buddies are too smart to argue. They have ammo for anyone who wants to argue or confront them about their error. 


Turn the tables! Cancerians become enraged, yet they seem innocent and make you question your rightness.


Drama mom! The pity card will be used. When addressing Leos, everyone there is involved. Even when right, they'll make you appear bad.


Right, reasoning is a skill? The Virgos are smart. They utilize their wits to explain themselves in difficult situations rather than filling them with emotions. 



The universe is beautiful to Libras. If they think you're incorrect, they'll avoid you and let karma happen. Swifties agree.


Oh! No! Don't! Only fight this sign if you are innocent and correct. 


Change path and ignore problems. The Sagittarians definitely follow this rule. They will have no idea why you blame them.


You want to fight me? No way. They'd rather admit their wrongdoing, incorrect or not, than waste time disputing it.

Bees are busy. Aquarians will keep going and let you despise them. They care about you or not.



Conflicts evoke intense emotions. They will admit their mistake when needed, but your hostility will sadden them. 

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