Your zodiac sign's secret relationship urge

Relations demand openness. Successful partnerships need openness about ideas, feelings, and desires. Reluctance and shift prevent couples from opening up. If you or your companion are undecided, don't worry. 

If you seek intellectual freedom and independence, Aquarius, you need your spouse to trust you enough to do it alone.


You want someone to stay with you despite your honesty. You always keep things real. You need a partner that won't leave you because you're honest.


Your gentle and loving heart expects the same. That's why you want your mate to care for you.


You hope your spouse recognizes and respects your incredibly high level of intelligence. You want them to understand that you have a lot to teach them.


You want your lover to love you regardless of your past failures since you are someone who has made many.


You have a penchant for relying on the approval of others around you. Therefore, you anticipate that your spouse would fully endorse you as you are.



You long for a deep connection and friendship with another person. You long for someone to be with you who doesn't need to take advantage of you or manipulate you.


You want your spouse to work hard for your relationship. You want someone who will work to maintain your relationship loving.


Your love of travel and adventure is undeniable. That's why it's important to find someone to share your trips with who isn't scared of the unknown.


You struggle to open yourself to others. Thus, you want your companion to trust you. You want someone you can always count on.

Because of your enthusiasm and intensity, you're always misinterpreted. That's why you want someone who will embrace your idiosyncrasies and eccentricities.



Your high expectations as a Virgo might cause many people problems. This is why you want someone who understands you.

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