Your zodiac sign's post-sex behavior

Each person's post-sex habit—cuddling or discreetly getting out of bed—reflects their nature. Astrologers analyze persons using 12 zodiac signs. 

Confident and lively, you love to explore, especially in bed. You prefer to keep going after a round or two, never giving up in bed. 


You love cuddling after burning calories under the blankets. You love snuggling and giving your partner stress-relieving massages to feel closer. 


You may be excessively interested about your sex partner. You will attach to that person non-sexually and desire to know their private lives.


After a night of love, you offer your partner breakfast in bed. You adore making memories, especially intimate ones.


Even in bed, you adore drama! You probably won't mind if your lover, resting next to you after sex, feels bad about contacting your ex. 


Practicality and logic imply you're mature enough to order a cab for your lover if they don't want to remain after sex.



You love a nice conversation after an intensive session with your hubby. You like someone based on ideals, ideas, and opinions, not appearance.


Someone you met at a party may put you in bed. You always expect bedroom experiences as an adventurous and impulsive person. 


Because of your humor, you can relax with people. After sex, you and your partner may sleep all night rather than talk about trivial matters.


You're the most reserved zodiac sign. If you tend to have sex with strangers, you'll probably stay closed or sneak out to grab a cab. 

You like independence and self-satisfaction. You want to cuddle beneath the stars with your husband after sex, in addition to emotional connection. 



Your compassionate and empathetic personality appreciates long chats about the world or feelings with your partner. To know someone, talk after sex.

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