Your zodiac sign's love weakness

Your uniqueness defines you. True or not, zodiac signs determine our personality. Personality shapes us into who we want to be, regardless of our abilities or limitations. With love, our flaws become obvious. 

When in love, this sign rushes. They make rash judgments and may steal their partner's space. After two weeks, Aries will propose! I need them to slow down.


The Taureans can complicate relationships. They're too slow for their partner. Deliberation is slow. Taureans need a focussed collaboration. What to do, but it takes too long to confirm the link.


Geminis can't give their spouse space, which is frustrating. These people always want to do things with their partner without breathing. This curious symbol interferes with outsiders.


Delicate folks are this sign. People shudder at the thought of dating a Cancerian because they prefer the past. Love may be tough due to their worries.


No one enjoys their spouse gently pointing out their mistakes. The Leos hate criticism despite their benefits. Leos don't see the good in small situations that might fester, which frustrates their partners.


Their meticulous tendency makes them overthink everything. They lack confidence in new tasks since they are non-experimental. Virgos also criticize others, even their partner, making them feel unimportant.



Libra overthinks all. Their partner waits because they evaluate the pros and cons so much. They appreciate balance and pause before making decisions, which can strain relationships.


This cryptic sign hinders partner communication. Even in partnerships, Scorpians are complex and prefer solitude. Even if they're in love, their spouse may question their Scorpian position.


Gloomy lovers are Sagittarians. A Sagittarian is hard to commit, yet if constrained, they'll revolt. Their impulsivity may cause them to break up early. Few ideas pass.


This sign likes control, even if their spouse doesn't. Not only that, but their personality may prevent them from listening to their spouse. Even at their lovers, Capricorns harbor grudges.

Aquarians don't care about people, let alone partners. They may love like a puppy yet be self-centered. This might upset their spouse because relationships need a lot of work.



Pisceans want to ‘fix’ their lover even when they're not well. When their life and relationship aren't going well, this emotional and sensitive sign can't help but aid others. 

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