Your zodiac sign's finest breakup advice

How to break up with a spouse you no longer want might be difficult. Fake “You deserve better” might make things worse. Using the zodiac signs might help you figure out how to split up.

Potentially the most impulsive sign. They'll break up when they hate their relationship or scent a great single life. Fight and flee, declaring they're done.


The Taureans never break your heart quickly. Some behavioral changes may suggest a relationship issue. They will prepare a graceful split. Always reduce pain.


May be indecisive. With this sign, on-and-off partnerships are more likely. Geminis will break up and solve it immediately. It's annoying to avoid them instantly.


Warm-hearted and caring. They'll stay with you and adore you. Cancerians often advise against breakups, but they do it softly to avoid harm.


Leones reign drama. Expect nothing less if this sign suggests splitsville. In a restaurant or party, they will insult you and break up. Show others the ‘break up of the century!’


Excessively logical and analytical. They'll emphasize the breakup's positives and why you shouldn't be together. Instead of emphasizing emotions, Virgos use logic. Don't expect split regret.



Librans manipulate to split up. Because they'll never break up, they'll use deception to compel you to. It may deplete your mind.


Scorpios offer lifelong companionship. A betrayal or major change might end the relationship, but this sign will try to salvage it. If nothing works, they'll take a melancholy goodbye.


It may be rude to break up. They love to blame you for the split, leaving you confused. Instead of fretting, Sagittarians live now.


Capricorns seldom split. Breakups are only advised if they destroy their sanity. If you know why, break up with this sign. Their character is powerful. Capricorn lovers are loyal.

This sign's heart-protectiveness might make them look disconnected during break talk. They will be sensible and calm. They never yell, but they handle breakups maturely.



They're always together. That they've abandoned the connection is clear from inactivity. Slowly, dates and conversations end. They broke up if they stop supporting you.

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