Your zodiac sign's energy-healing crystal

Energy-healing gemstones improve skincare and self-care throughout the pandemic. Our morning rituals include moisturizing and channeling our goddess using zodiac gems.

Firey Mars rules Aries. Fire signs' confidence is boosted by gemstones. Kalro's tiger eye and citrine focus and elevate. Keep stones on your desk or meditate with them to realize dreams.


Venusians enjoy luxury. Emeralds are the best stones to balance. Kalro says this beautiful sculpture harmonizes mind, body, and soul and repels negativity. Beautiful jewelry is perfect for.


The air signals overthink. Lapiolite relieves. A lepidolite under your pillow after a day of judgment and socializing is her advice. The violet-grey, dusty pink lepidolite calms.


Cancerians cannot digest their emotions, yet they must. Moonstone heals and pearl calms waves.Best as jewelry, meditation, or bedtime. Kalro says they raise intuition.


The scorching fire sign likes the spotlight while being a softie. A bright orange, red, and gold sunstone cheers Leos. It gives them a positive approach to achieve their goals. 


Earth sign Virgo, a worrier, is energized by carnelian. carnelian helps you think creatively. Adds excitement to your day, reducing stress.” Wear it regularly to find pleasure.



Rose quartz balances passionate Libra. Love and intimacy are fostered for those seeking deeper self- and other-connections. This delicate pink amour crystal will calm your bedroom.


Royal lapis aids this passionate water sign's insight and truthfulness. Safe, vigor, and rich, it develops self-understanding. She recommends placing it on the third eye for intuition.


Sagittarians are restless and adventurous. Blue turquoise benefits fire. Turquoise clarifies and inspires. She claims the stone helps Sagittarians tell the truth as throat jewelry.


Still loyal and diligent, Capricorns hide their sentiments. Malachite heals the heart. Kalro thinks it allows you digest the past. Place it on your heart and breathe deeply.

Aquarians value intellect, spontaneity, and optimism. Red garnet energizes. Energizing garnets. She says air indicators are far, but garnet binds. Keep the stone on your shrine or meditate.



Aquamarine's deep emotions fit the dreamy, observant water sign. They converse honestly and have healthier relationships. She recommends crystal meditation for intuition.

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