Your Zodiac Sign Winter Uniform

Winter clothing has a terrible image since it's hard to get up and put on anything other than a thick sweater and snow boots.

Only commit to what you love, Aries. You're not afraid to stand out because of your rhythm. Anything is possible with confidence.


Taureans enjoy luxury—who can blame them? An orderly wardrobe (no annoying clothes) indicates confidence and security. Tauruses like faux fur, leather, and wool winter clothes.


Geminis, the most expressive sign, dress expressively. Because of their laid-back attitude and open nature, they're willing to try any trend, including this season's most daring.


Although Cancers have a poor image, we don't weep and remain home on Friday nights. Cancers, albeit emotional, are articulate and intelligent. Winter feels summery with this outfit:


Kelly, our workplace Leo, looks like Meghan Markle every day. Leos are confident and enthusiastic. You'll feel confident and comfortable in this cozy combination as she is.


Practical Virgos never overdress. They pay attention to details and have a wardrobe full of investment pieces they use often. These fit their traditional outfit perfectly:



Elegant Libras enjoy fashion. They have a polished style and keep to it. This outfit suits all the winter outings their attractive selves will be asked to.


We all adore (and sometimes dread) Scorpios—mysterious, passionate, and devoted. Even in winter, they dress sexily without trying too hard.


I'm always with Sagittarius queen Beth Gillette. Entering extrovert, independent, and noticeable. Faux-fur patterns say “yes, I have entered the building,” therefore they chose eye-catching ones.


Goal-oriented Capricorns are usually the last in the office and need work clothes and drinks. Try this trendy leather blazer for work and pleasure.

Aquarians are eccentric, playful, and love color. This season's neon and color-blocking styles suit their eccentric personalities.



Pisces like drama—literally and fashion-wise. In tune with others and confident in themselves, they can master their personal style, which is full of contemporary stuff they wear easily.

Stay tuned for developments.