Your zodiac sign skin care tips

Astrology informs us how our natal energies and planetary alignment shape our nature and our potential and challenges. 

Fire sign Aries is challenging. Your ambition, determination, and hotheadness cause flushes, rashes, and skin outbreaks.


Earth sign Taurus is cautious, patient, stubborn, and can get entrenched in bad habits. I know you hate change!


Air sign Gemini is uncertain, curious, and changeable. Follow a strategy for your skin!


The most startling indicator is Cancer. Kind, sympathetic, and diplomatic one minute, emotional, passionate, and impatient the next. Could hormones be to blame?


Fire sign Leo is confident, inventive, and domineering due to its dominance. You may be vain and believe rapid skincare remedies.


Virgo is smart, practical, and a perfectionist. Over-analyzing can cause tension and indecision, making this taxing.



Air sign Libra is attractive, romantic, and non-confrontational. Viewing everything from all perspectives might cause hesitation.


Water sign Scorpios are passionate, loyal, intense, emotional, and sensual, but also strong-willed, jealous, and obstinate.


Fire sign Sagittarius is independent and adventurous. Though impatient, your kindness and warmth brighten any event.


Earth sign Capricorn is ambitious and determined. You succeed because of great ambition and smart planning.

Air sign Aquarius is a spontaneous free spirit that can travel anywhere. Boredom is your enemy; you like change. Nontraditional, 



A Pisces sees the zodiac. The most creative, sympathetic, and intuitive sign, you abhor conflict and react intensely to others' moods.

Stay tuned for developments.