Your zodiac sign dating? Good and awful.

Dating your zodiac sign may be challenging since they will reflect your best and worst qualities.

Your positive energy attracts people. You thrill them.


You two are lucky if you're on the same page. In any case, you'll both need to broaden your comfort zones, which is difficult for both of you. 


The twins will never bore. It may be too unpredictable in this contest. One of you must be steady and maintain a home life.


This is great for same-sign matches. Both of you will be caring and adore cuddling at home. 


vMatching Leo is temperamental. Both will need lots of attention and complain if you don't receive enough.


You ignore individuals you despise because you think investing your time and energy on them is pointless. 



vThis relationship is beautiful if you both work to please one other and maintain balance and fairness. Staying superficial is risky.


Two Scorpios will be passionate, dangerous, and intriguing. Trust is essential for this match. 


Both of you will like biking and kayaking. Your strong ideas will spark lively arguments, which you'll both enjoy.


Since both of you are hard-headed realists, this may not be a good love fit. However, that practicality will help you understand the other person.

You adore giving love and desire plenty of intriguing friends, a meaningful partnership, rewarding career, and a better world.



Dreamers, it'll help and hurt. You assume your lover can do no wrong unless they have serious problems with rose-colored glasses.

Stay tuned for developments.