Your singleness, according to zodiac signs

As times change, individuals are growing more autonomous in many areas, including relationships. Many no longer feel pressure to date, settle down, and marry.

I love being single. Feisty, independent, and outspoken, you don't settle. You prefer self-gratification and living your life. In summary, you're unique.


Because you're hard to demotivate, you feel angry when others try to run your life. Thus, you like alone swinging and respect your comments. 


Your friends typically describe you as the most sociable. So, you find relationships easy. However, you become tired fast and detest labels. 


Dull single or dating life. You prefer intimacy and freedom. To much time alone might be lonely since your sensitive nature wants love, comfort, and affection.


Though powerful, amazing, and independent, you may swiftly change into relationship mode when you feel lonely. If nobody appreciates you, you might get depressed.


As ‘perfectionists’, you cause mayhem everywhere when one minor thing goes wrong. You may seem too stuck-up to make friends with this feature.



Your single-phase is poorly managed. Because your ex departed, you cry, cry, icecream, and curse a lot while single.


Your ambition, confidence, and assertiveness are excellent. Single life is like a nice vacation because you avoid turmoil.


You crave independence, travel, and alone adventures since life is you. Socially, you attract everyone but hate commitment. Although you're #singlelifegoals, your casual dates are unique.


You are organized, meticulous, and picky; you hate it when others meddle in your business, much alone have a partner decide. Because of this, 

Your fear of injury is a serious issue. Kind and secure, you're simple to get along with. You like seclusion in relationships since there's no drama or tears.



You shouldn't even be alone. Because you require love and support, single life isn't for you. It may be devastating without romantic interest.

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