Your 'Shadow Self,' the Zodiac Sign

To progress, you must realize everything you are not. This is your soul mirror or shadow self. 

Aries and Libra have a fascinating partnership since they can learn from each other.


Scorpio, an intense sign, may help Taurus open up and find their deeper self.


Gemini is one of the most flighty and talkative signs. Sagittarius is calmer and more firm in their beliefs.


Mother and father of the zodiac are Cancer and Capricorn. One is emotive and the other practical, opposites. 


Leo is famed for following its heart, yet it may often prioritize appearance above content.


Virgo analyzes every element of life and plans everything meticulously. Safety is preparation and understanding what to anticipate.



Aries may teach Libra how to stand up for themselves so they can better advocate for their needs. Libra can be self-sacrificing to maintain the peace.


Scorpios want vivid life experiences, therefore they live on a rollercoaster of emotions, whereas Taurus seeks stability at all costs.


Despite their desire to travel, Sagittarius might become caught in their comfort zones. However, Gemini seldom settles.


They help Capricorn slow down at work and emphasize family and relationships to feel grounded and fulfilled.

Aquarius wants to be a renegade even if it means disrespecting itself.



Yet Pisces is the reverse. They're so free, spiritual, and laid-back that they rarely achieve anything.

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