Your kissing style depends on your zodiac sign.

The time, not the action or form, of kissing matters. Someone kissing your cheek may say "Hello," but lingering lips may indicate flirtation.

Charismatic Aries initiate and keep things new. They'll surprise kiss you, grab you, and kiss fiercely. It's obvious when an Aries kisses you.


They'll glance at your face, sniff your scent, touch your hair, and taste your lips. 


The Gemini will shower you with butterfly kisses, but when you return them, they'll flee away smiling.


A Cancer will want to kiss you continuously to convey their love and desire.


Leos are daring and impetuous. Leos adore attention, so they'll give you a big, wet kiss in public.


Virgos strive for perfection yet aren't perfectionists. But their work strengths—attention to detail—make them terrific kissers.



Libra adore art and beauty. They're good at socializing, but if you're their crush, they'll constantly staring at you during parties.


They kiss every inch of your body with different ways, not just your mouth. Does kissing include licking? Scorpios are. 


If you need it, they'll kiss and complement you, or playfully wrestle you to the ground and kiss you.


Capricorns solve problems, keep secrets, and make superb companions and lifelong friends.

Aquariuses love seduction and won't kiss you randomly. Aquarius must create the right atmosphere with music and lighting.



Devoted lovers and friends, they're recognized. A Pisces kiss will draw you closer.

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