Your Ideal Work-Meeting Style, by Zodiac Sign

Your professional character is likely shaped by your personal life. If your job entails meetings with employees or management, 

Aries hates wasting time. Your fiery, initiatory cardinal-sign energy prefers business over casual talk, so your ideal meeting is quick and to the point. 


The Earth sign Taurus works systematically. Thus, you'll enjoy a conference that discusses long-term goals and multi-step programs.


Gemini, the zodiac's sociable chair, like chitchat and icebreakers at work. (Any work happy hour?) 


Cancer, you offer your calm and kind personality to business talks. Ideal work meeting: safe and welcome discussion of ideas and perspectives; 


Leo, your ideal work-meeting atmosphere is "dynamic and fun that allows you to shine," says Brooks. 


Virgo, you'll work best in a detailed meeting. Efficiency is your style,



Libra, an air sign, likes intriguing conversation. Thus, any business meeting that promotes meaningful speech will likely work for you. 


Scorpio home workers prefer camera-off or camera-optional meetings. You value privacy and separated work and personal life.


Sagittarius, the zodiac's largest traveler, seeks adventure in all aspects of life. That includes labor.


Any meeting format that shows off your hard work is perfect, Capricorn. As the universe's workhorse, you work hard to succeed. 

Community-oriented Aquarius appreciates casual work gatherings. Free-flowing brainstorming allows everyone to add their own perspective. 



Pisces, your uniqueness may affect your work. A whiteboard or open-ended conversation subject is perfect for a blank canvas gathering.

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