Your ideal wedding style, per zodiac sign

Indian weddings are lavish. Indian weddings are defined by many events, drumming, and auspicious customs.

Zodiac signs are inventive and headstrong. They always experiment and risk. The couple will always desire a stunning, industry-trendy wedding.


Taureans want a retro wedding. They want a small, cozy wedding with their loved ones.


They mix wedding styles to create new items. Movies, literature, and other weddings inspire them to arrange the perfect wedding.


Cancerians should hear nostalgic music during weddings. Their delicate and sensitive nature requires a modest, lovely wedding they will always remember. 


Leo weddings are lavish and themed. They'll spend money on details because they want grand weddings.


Earthy colors suit these people's tastes and personalities. So, they like pastel weddings that are stylish and serene. 



Libran weddings should be held in a lush farmhouse. They adore peace and nature and try to incorporate it into their lives.


These people want a theatrical wedding. They will make every wedding celebration spectacular and exquisite. 


Open weddings are best for Sagittarians. Librans are active and brave, so greenery is ideal.


Weddings are about refinement and order for Capricorns. Like their nature, they want a well-organized, scheduled wedding. 

Aquarians may design their perfect wedding creatively. Instead of a traditional wedding, they chose an artsy one. 



Pisceans are laid-back, so a beach wedding would suit them. They prefer modest weddings with close friends, thus theirs are usually tiny. 

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