Your Baby's Astrological Sign Reveals Their Character

Who your kid will become is one of the most thrilling moments of pregnancy! Will they act foolish like their dad? Like Mom, maybe great at math. 

Beginners should pick Aries because the Zodiac begins late March. A curious kid will make many delightful Me Firsts. The bull Aries, your child leads most situations.


Trust stubborn Taurus not! You bull prefers routines and is cautious with new things. Bedtimes, food, and love can help. The Taureans are famed for what? 


Gemini parents say they brought two kids for $1! Two super Geminis. Good or bad, this “dual personality” sign for the day. Your troubleshooting Gemini is honest!


Cancer's crab resembles your lovely baby. Wary and with powerful shells, both. When irritated, both stick. Cancer lovers find comfort in the 5 S's.


Expect your child Leo's "roar" from afar...Glad to hear! Your passionate, energetic, confident, and attention-loving lion will constantly be the center of attention.


Routine! Virgo infants like regularity. An organized playroom pleases them! However, their I-like-it-like-this attitude may lead to bossiness and perfectionism. 



No wonder Libras are scaled. These kids value balance, harmony, and justice. (No bullies!) Little Libras appreciate order, especially aesthetics. 


Scorpions are natural leaders who like work and achieve. Hello, gusto! Your young Scorpio's tenacity and intelligence will impress.Scorpios need seclusion and care.


Your heart can't compete with your Sagittarius, the little archer, with a bow and arrow! These active little ones want to learn, explore, and absorb more. 


Your Cap overcomes barriers like a bee. Prepare for your baby to lead playgroup walks! Big Kid emotions may become perfectionists, so help them control. 

Open-minded Aquarius moves often. Freedom may incite rebellion. Captive Aquarians loathe it. Your child loves, changes, heals, cares for others, and is fair.



Pisces would seem more realistic as two fish moving oppositely, reality and delusion. Your fishy is creative, sensitive, and daydreams, so watch her absorb everything.

Stay tuned for developments.