Wondering Which Country Each Zodiac Sign Should Astrologically Move To? We Learn

Considering moving to a nation based on your zodiac sign? We provide the greatest place for each sun sign to live based on astrology.

The thrill-seeker Aries enjoys New Zealand's adventure. This country doesn't overwork, so Arians may pursue other interests and be healthy.


Without nature, food, and sky, Taurus dies. Australia features amazing wine, fresh fruit, beautiful beaches, and an organic lifestyle with animals and nature.


South Korea, especially Seoul, is most trendy and exciting for easily bored Gemini. Geminis may learn languages, follow music and fashion trends, and blend cultures in this metropolis.


Cancer requires security above all things, thus they would choose an area with decent healthcare, no political issues, and work prospects.


Leos like Spanish fashion, parties, and culture. Leo loves athletics, dancing, museums with outstanding paintings, and Spanish-inspired architecture.


Singapore is too groomed and strict for many, but organized, meticulous, and intelligent Virgos would like its cleanliness, regulations, and systematic methods. 



Librans enjoy luxury, therefore France would be perfect for them. Paris would match their intellectuality and fashion, as well as its traditional European architecture. 


Scorpios, who seek peace, can take the cold better than most. They wouldn't mind moving to Iceland, a relatively unexplored country with many opportunities.


Sagittarians love leisure travel, thus Indonesia is ideal for them. They may visit Bali, Komodo Island, Gili Islands, and other beautiful places during weekends. 


Luxury-talking British Capricorns. Dark like a Burberry trench. Living in London, they appreciate historic, cosmopolitan cities with vibrant art, music, and theater.

The creative Aquarius who wants something new will enjoy Japan. This logo combines technology, architecture, urban planning, and an old-new look.



Pisces needs a warm, soulful place to express their feelings and live their hearts out. Since cuisine, football, wine, and culture are deeply ingrained in Italy, this sign fits.

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