Why Belly Fat Is Not Your Biggest Issue

Obesity's primary problem isn't weight or waistline. Unlike your tummy. It's brain. Rethinking eating to work with your body is essential to weight reduction and healing.

Eat actual food

Nutritional food decreases appetite, belly fat, and food intake. Vitamins and minerals burn calories, regulate hunger, inflammation, detoxification, digestion, stress hormones, and insulin-responsive cells. 

Manage stress.

Chronic stress shrinks brains and grows guts. Stress causes insulin resistance, diabetes, blood sugar, cholesterol, depression, dementia, and belly fat. 

Address food sensitivities

We desire allergens because of allergies. Quitting them takes two to three days, but you'll feel better, have less cravings, and decrease belly fat. 

Get 7–8 hours sleep. 

Not enough sleep alters hunger hormones, generating sugar and carb cravings. One study connected insulin resistance to partial sleep loss6.

Optimize nutrients:

High-quality multivitamins with blood sugar-balancing elements. Omega-3 fat optimization. Omega-3 fatty acids regulate insulin.

Control alcohol.

Sweet joys include red wine with a meal, beer on a hot day, and tequila at a party. Regular alcohol use can affect diabetics. 

Regularly exercise.

Exercise may be the greatest diabetes treatment after diet. Daily walk at least 30 minutes.

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