Who is hardest to love among the zodiac signs

Undoubtedly, love is hard. Relationships need sacrifices, struggles, concessions, adaptations, and disagreements. As the saying goes, “love conquers all.” 

Aries focus their lives around their lover. They put their spouses first and try to be everything.


Nothing is more devoted than Taurus. Tauruses love deeply. They love their lover completely. They organize everything and leave nothing to chance.


The Geminis are known for their indecision and emotion. This makes speaking with them tiring.


Cancers are the most nurturing, kind, and unconditionally loving zodiac sign. Cancers are the epitome of love.


Leos are self-reliant and independent. So anyone with a Leo must realize they'll never need you. They are such a fantastic symbol that you can't avoid them!


They are hard to love. They are the most independent zodiac sign. Their attitude to most interactions is analytical. 



Libra wants everyone to be happy, especially their loved ones. They will do anything to make their lover happy.


Scorpios go in and out of relationships because they are depleting. Not knowing what they want is their trademark.


Sagittarius make intriguing mates and never bore. However, it makes them virtually hard to resolve.


Capricorns are sensible, efficient, and hardworking. This makes them trustworthy, but it also means they treat every relationship like a commercial transaction.

Aquarians are reserved. They seldom let anybody in. Libras are tough to read since they keep their distance from most people.



They feel strongly and convey what they want and need from loved ones. Pisces speak fully. They would brave fire for their partner.

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