Which zodiac signs worry most? Top 5 rankings

Whether you are a laid-back person or overthink and overplan your future, you will face the music and cope with stress many times. 

Stress may turn Aries into a bundle of tension. Impatience and irritability indicate anxiousness.


You respond quickly and may behave rashly under pressure. Your stress response is likely frustration. 

Virgo hides their emotions and uneasiness. However, stress frequently consumes them, causing small health difficulties later on.


Stress typically results from their overthinking. Their loved ones' struggles and anguish also stress them out.

Scorpio bursts, increasing worry and tension. Let off steam physically to release feelings and move on. 


You also grow tense without enough space or solitude. Your worry will escalate if someone cheats or breaches your confidence.


Leo is ultrasecretive. Your identity and ego are tied to your emotions, so any danger to your reputation can be stressful.

You may experience stress and self-doubt. You may struggle to understand that you cannot control everyone. 


The most stressed sun sign is Gemini. Even your body may sense your anxiousness when your stress rises.

Rewatching a favorite show or reading a beloved book might also help you relax.

Here are the five most stressed zodiacs. You one of them? Find out!

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