Which zodiac sign is the smartest, and why?

You ever wonder your IQ? Fast analysis, thinking, and response in difficult situations determine intelligence. An all-arounder, you are creative, smart, and practical. 

Aries is strong at learning, which boosts intelligence. You want to learn new things yet may not adjust to life changes.


You have a special gift. Because of your curiosity, Venus, your governing planet, is hard to stop. You adore investigating and cover your aims and ambitions uniquely.


Your confusion and twin-headedness are common. You want to start learning differently. You're good at focusing, yet you struggle to finish your goals.


You are honest and follow your heart. Your strong emotional intelligence helps you connect with people for your personal gain. 


Due to your adamancy, you make mistakes readily. You think practically and act accordingly. You seem smart because your spontaneity lets you respond quickly.


Your intellectual inadequacy forces you to consult others. You react slowly while being critical or analytical. Decision-making takes time. 



Venus, your governing planet, enhances your intelligence. You know right from wrong. Your creative, elegant side helps you realize your goals in luxury.


The ability to think critically and rationally, as well as a passion for sharing what you've learned with others, is in your genes. 


You labor hard and are irritable. You judge people and circumstances well. You deserve success for your hard effort.


Your disposition is balanced. Your business-like thinking is divine. Because you think, plan, and act carefully, you're typically successful.

You are the most analytical. Create and assess creatively. Your calmness helps you be creative, clever, and connected, which are valued traits.



You are emotional and base your love on others before thinking about yourself first.

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