Which zodiac-sign Barbie doll are you?

Barbie, born Barbara Millicent Roberts, was launched by Mattel Inc. at 11 inches tall with tip toes and preternaturally perky tits. 

Mars rules Aries, and this limited edition Barbie honors Athena, the goddess of battle, strategy, and knowledge. 


Taurus' birth stone is emerald and its pastoral power color is green, fitting for a sign that loves money and fresh grass.


During Gemini season, the 2K17 City Chic Style doll resembles Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with a huge sweater, indifferent mood, face-blocking sunglasses, and a gigantic coffee cup.


Cancer is a somber moon-ruled sign that harnesses raw human emotion. Storm has moonlit hair and a CV that says,


IRL Leo Andy Warhol predicted that everyone will be renowned for fifteen minutes, a notion shared by all lions and reflected in this limited edition Barbie.


Changed Earth signs. Perfectionist Virgo oversees sixth-house rites and health. The most beautiful doll, Malibu Barbie, has straight hair, wonderful posture, sun-kissed complexion, and judgment.



The Anemone doll resembles Venus on the red carpet, who rules Libra. Libras are artistic, well-curated, and aspirational in fashion and home décor, making decisions difficult.


A Cat Burglar Christian Louboutin designed Scorpio season Barbie, the witching hour. Scorpios rule the eighth house of sex, death, and money, hence their ideal doll is private.


The 2022 Barbie Tina Turner doll paid homage to the Queen of Rock n' Roll. 


Barbie commemorated Madam C.J. Walker, the first self-made American female billionaire and Capricorn, in their Inspiring Women dolls. 

Aquarius is a visionary who dreams, rules, and loves space, metal, winged eyeliner, and uncompromising fashion.



Pisces rules the unconscious, spirituality, dharma, and twelfth-house dogs. Breathe With Me Barbie button-recites meditations in cloud pajamas. 

Stay tuned for developments.