Which zodiac automobile suits you?

I've had countless make-outs, breakdowns, mileage, and memories in automobiles like Raspberry Beret, Coco Caine, Goldie Hawn, and Aunt Flo, a 1990 Doge conversion van rusted out.

Daredevil, adventurer Aries likes the affordable Honda Civic, “more fun to drive than a sports car.” Catholic fire signs paint their bedrooms blood clot red, making candy red suitable for outside paint and furniture.


Tauruses consider themselves and yoga pants, throwing stars, reclining chairs, air fyrers, and sex swings as “practical, comfortable, and stylish” like the 2023 Toyota Highlander.


A sports automobile suits Geminis' lightning-fast thinking and speech. Gemini, indecisive and often distracted, resembles the Viper, who detractors believe falters when frequently interrupted. 


The moon-ruled mother is Cancer. So, a “cool mom” car with off-road capabilities, moon roof options, and a reputation for durability and safety while hauling a six-pack is fashionable and functional. 


Cadillac launched on August 22, making it a majestic, high-shine, mane-shaking Leo. Cadillac represents high-end luxury and has been the preferred mode of transportation for many Americans.


Ford's F-Series is the best-selling US car and Virgo is the most frequent zodiac sign. Virgo controls the sixth house of service, which would be the pickup truck. 



FIAT® Brand drivers enjoy life's sweetness and beauty. Fiat heir Libra Lapo Elkann, sharp-dressed debauchee. For drug debt, he fabricated an abduction and looked great in a vintage clothing.


Rolls Royce's Phantom Series description reads like a Scorpio's personal ad: "An untameable legend. icon_for_icons. Phantom Series II alone defines luxury. 


Sagittarius is represented by the Greek mythological centaur. Ford Broncos are named after Western half-tame horses. Similar yet distinct. 


Capricorn season 1995 brought the "Unmatched." Toyota Tacoma. Unstoppable.” Any Capricorn will say that whether tying their shoes, masturbating, lifting weights, or negotiating a raise.

Like the Aquarius, the iX5 “combines the best of both drive worlds: the locally emission-free mobility of an electric vehicle and the unrestricted suitability for everyday use.” Aquarius is Saturn's. Norms and growth.



The “Back to the Future” DeLorean suits Pisces' love of dreams, escapism, and the collective unconscious. The first DeLorean featured gull-wing doors and a weak engine. 

Stay tuned for developments.