Where to Travel by Zodiac Sign part 2

It's hard to go and intern overseas. All 12 host cities provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but we realize it's hard to select one with career growth and thrilling holidays. 

Young and vigorous Aries. Love adventure and challenge. Passion, confidence, and optimism go far. Sydney is the liveliest because it sparkles.


Taurus's work is trustworthy. Great intern and friend because of your devotion. Venus rules your sign, and you love elegance and creativity, thus Florence suits you.


Gemini travellust. Socializing via text, twitter, and meeting new people is best. You like NYC because you want alternatives and the world at your fingertips.


Cancers are adept at handling all situations. Your imagination and emotional intelligence allow you to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds. 


No sign follows like Leo. Your positivism fosters life enjoyment. You think your self-confidence can do anything despite your stubbornness. 


The Virgo values beauty and perfection. Pinterest-perfect existence is great, but your friends mock your passion. Connecting Earth and globe signs. 



Libra, elegant nights with brilliant lights, music, and exquisite cuisine improve your life most. You know balance is important, especially in business and life. 


Brave, intense, and passionate, your mystery grabs attention everywhere. You love learning about things. Your business and creativity talents are remarkable. 


The friendliest and most open-hearted Zodiac sign is you. You'll do everything for family and ask little. Wonderful traveller, Sagittarius adore new adventures.


Your best description is ambitious. Life is about success for you. You may not take as many risks as other signs, but you know caution is the key to success.

You only want wonderful travel. You are ideal for city exploration due to your vigor. Free-spirited air signs adapt to different civilizations.



Pisces, you live casually. Those controlled by Neptune are more imaginative and ingenious than others. You loved music and art early on.

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