What Your Zodiac Sign Should Eat for Comfort

Nothing beats cuddling up with your favorite comfort food after a hard day at work, feeling sick, or being exhausted and cold in the winter. Warming meals can evoke memories of the past.

You, the fiery first sign, regard life as a grand adventure with yourself as the star. You like leading rather than following. Your confidence annoys some, but you don't let them pull you down.


Taurus, the practical sign, is reliable. Even if you prefer fine food and wine, you like a classic because you love comfort. What better food to warm and taste than mac n' cheese?


Friendly Social Geminis. Charming, funny, and curious, you draw people. Your perfect comfort dinner should be excellent, interesting, and easy to share stories and laughter over.


Cancer is emotional and nurturing. You know comfort food because you care for people and create a warm environment. A rich chocolate cake is the perfect treat. 


Leo, you're not subtle. Your fiery personality and sparkling energy keep you in the spotlight. You like being observed. You choose statement-making over safety.


Virgos are the most patient and loyal signs. Some people can't see past your introversion, yet you're a fun-loving buddy. Because Virgos are health-conscious, you indulge freely.



You are known for promoting equality and fairness, but you're much more than a mediator. Lovers are your zodiac sign, thus you're artistic and romantic. You think homemade meals with family are ideal.


Scorpio is more emotional than seeming. Despite your intense and cryptic reputation, your loved ones know you are gentle and emotional. You are devoted and have many layers, like enchiladas. 


Your food habits reflect your curiosity and openness, Sagittarian. You love international food and culture because you like new things. Comfort food is being adventurous and enjoying life. 


Workaholic, but not all about money. You adore giving—financially, emotionally, or otherwise—and will try harder. Make a wonderful food in the kitchen with hard labour.

Aquarians stand out. Cunning and curious, you never trust anyone. Zodiac's free spirit, you challenge the status quo. Despite your disobedience, you sometimes choose old favorites.



Pisces can move in any setting, thus their food tastes adaptable. You eat comfort food based on your mood and what you enjoy. What calms your soul more than shrimp and grits? 

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