What you do around people you despise, by zodiac sign

Each of us hates someone. We loathe others' actions even if hate is strong. Worse, we sometimes have to be around them! 

Stay away from hated people. Avoid those people, but don't worry. Your social life is too excellent for one person.


Hating someone is hard, because it implies they hurt or lied to you. You can express your feelings since you're good at ignoring.


Like your playful soul, you utilize it to your advantage. You may be brutal and amusing while calling individuals out for their bad behavior.


Hatred and brutality are beyond you. You wish they would leave you alone or get over you since your sensitivity stops you from expressing your hatred.


You may talk openly about hate. If the person you despise is present, you can roll your eyes or even exit the conversation. 


You ignore individuals you despise because you think investing your time and energy on them is pointless. 



You try to control your emotions, but occasionally you have to shout at your opponents. You are short-tempered and snap at those you hate. 


You want to get rid of hate. If that individual emerges, you can snap at them and move on. 


Spending time and energy on hated individuals doesn't matter. You're upbeat, therefore you'll probably ignore that individual. 


You take life by the horns and struggle to correct someone. You worry you'll have to explain why you hate them and ask them to quit your business. 

Avoid seeming silly while snapping at someone you hate. Your style is quieter. You can tell you dislike them by your tone. 



You feel uncomfortable among people you dislike because they hate you! Never offend someone; act pleasant to hide your hatred.

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