What Summer Shorts Your Zodiac Sign Needs

Whether you're choosing between two love interests or a new pair of shorts, "When in doubt, consult the stars," is good advise. 

Aries are energetic and competitive about their preferred physical hobbies, therefore they look great in skorts.


Pink suits Taurus. The Taurus planet Venus controls this color. Taureans choose comfort above trends, therefore a simple pink short is inevitable.


Geminis enjoy sequins and bright colors.


Cancers seldom leave the house without stocking up on everything they (and their friends) possibly need, so pockets are essential. 


Leos adore striking pieces, including shorts. Leather or leather-esque shorts make the most impression, but printed patterns and structural designs also well


Structured in life and fashion, Virgos will feel secure in well-tailored shorts.



Libras like color, balance, and glamour, but not over-the-top fashion. Pleated shorts in a bright hue are ideal.


Scorpios, known as seductive troublemakers, prefer traditional attire with a twist. 


Sagittarians adore creative looks and are often on the go. Denim shorts in an unusual hue or ombré-style combination can do the trick.


The "CEO of the zodiac" Capricorns enjoy chic, conservative clothing and accessories. This sign needs quiet luxurious linen paperbag shorts for summer.

Aquarians value individualism. Therefore, a pair of neon lace shorts that stick out will make them feel their finest.



This water sign loves dreamy things, so silky shorts with lots of movement and a gorgeous flowery design will speak volumes to them.

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