What kind of buddy is your zodiac sign?

While it may be unusual to attempt to determine your zodiac sign's buddy traits, it's a universal truth that maturity is harder than playground lunchboxes.

When life gets monotonous, people flock to you for excitement. Attending a sold-out event or taking a last-minute road trip with passion makes the celebration.


Friends depend on your commitment and stability in hard times. You're everyone's rock, listening without judgment and letting them experience everything.


You spread joy from group to group as the zodiac's social butterfly. Life is simpler when friends help you see the positive in bad situations.


Your maternal instinct makes you watch your friends' backs, provide a shoulder, and play mother hen to avenge your chicks.


A natural leader knows what's best for everyone, which appears in how you exhibit affection through presents like the LBD your best friend wants but is afraid to try or when to push her out of the nest to live.


Problem-solving talents help you plan Aries' big ambitions. Virgo, you invite, arrange pick-ups, and schedule trains.



That thrill makes mature friendships as important as love. Within jokes, tiny acts of kindness, unexpected work nibbles, and late-night life discussions are frequent first contacts.


Taking them to your grave will make your friends feel safe telling you secrets. You may also sense what your buddies aren't saying and encourage them to talk.


Friends know your Sagittarius life is turbulent and exciting. Never know how the night will end, from assisting teens break curfew to challenging grownups.


Genuinely persistent, you let them in slowly yet stay. Friends need you even if time, place, and last-minute plans hinder communication.

Friendship is optional, and your appreciation of personal space means you don't cause drama in the group chat over every blue-ticked message or cancelled lunch. 



FBI agents could find world peace if they could use your supernatural intuition, imaginative and empathetic. 

Stay tuned for developments.