What emoji matches your zodiac sign?

Hieroglyphs and rune stones used images to halt signs and eggplants. Sex and drug selling utilize emojis, our latest textual companions.

Aries are impetuous and passionate fire signs who act first and apologize later, as shown by this emoji's face-to-palm, mea culpa intensity.


Taurus people generally repress their feelings or murmur them while chewing.


Geminis have trouble making decisions, oversharing, keeping promises, and taking responsibility for their faults. The shrug emoji represents this indecisive, inexplicable energy.


Cancers are zodiac laugh riots due to their sensitivity and understanding of people.


The eyes emoji emphasizes drama and interpersonal stress, according to Dictionary.com. Someone who finds someone appealing may use this emoji.


Melting face emoji “can be used to convey how one feels after an embarrassing crush interaction, pandemic exhaustion, and, of course, sarcasm.”



Libra hearts can express sympathy, affection, approbation, ambivalence, emptiness, or absence, making them challenging to decipher.


Scorpions may also party in a graveyard, celebrate Halloween, murder with comedy, or issue an anonymous death threat, as this powerful emoji conveys.


Fantasy? Exuberance? Confidence? Adventure? Sagittarius, the zodiac's optimist, destroys negative vibrations, soft delivery, and early bedtimes a day.


Capricorns are diligent, know it all, and push themselves harder than most, as seen by the studious nerd emoji.

Water carriers, uncompromising inventors and foreign elitists, may be arrogant, thus the patronizing “gold star” emoji.



Pisces are always ready to celebrate, even something as simple as making it through Tuesday.

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