Wedding Proposals by Zodiac Sign

From fiery Aries to watery Pisces, the zodiac reveals how each sign will propose. Read on to learn about your lover's ring, setting, and distinctive style of proposing.

Aries may propose unexpectedly while rock climbing or hang gliding. It may not be romantic, but this blazing sign will tell you they desire you no matter where you are.


Established Earth signs offer conventionally. Taureans want to do it right after their sluggish proposal. Your Taurus will propose on one knee in a romantic setting with a nice ring. 


Gemini loves words; write. Secret notes, fortune biscuits, beach messages, skywriting! Possibly a scavenger hunt or riddle will unveil your ring to your Gemini.


Make sure your Cancer has enough of time with your parents to ask for approval. Your Cancer partner may propose during a family occasion so you can tell everyone right away.


This proposal may stand out due to Leo's love of luxury, drama, and attention. Your Lion will likely show their affection for you in public to ensure a good crowd for this important day. 


Earthy and organic Virgo will propose quietly but want all the things right. A light dinner, natural setting, and natural ring are expected.



Libra may create you a song or poetry or ask pals to express their devotion. You may also expect a lovely tale behind the ring they chose for you.


Scorpio is passionate and only proposes alone or in front of trusted individuals. For this watery sign, love is life or death, thus they will only propose when they mean it. 


Blunt Sag may suggest spontaneously. This basic astrological sign may propose without fancy words or a romantic location, but you'll know why.


A cautious, businesslike Capricorn offers. Wait—they'll say it when they mean it. A pre-nup doesn't hurt; they want you to know they're serious. 

Aquarius may tell you they intend to propose to surprise you. This eccentric sign likes to break convention, so don't anticipate a typical proposal. 



Pisces has a vivid imagination and will propose something dreamlike. Fish pleads for your hand in marriage with inventiveness and magic.

Stay tuned for developments.