Try Your Zodiac Sign's Swimwear Trend

Stars make swimwear buying less difficult. Choose zodiac swimwear with experienced astrologist Lisa Stardust and your birth chart instead of following trends.

Stardust suggests a sportier look for this fiery sign. Aries looks great with a bright solid or patterned suit. 


Stardust advises a black underwire bikini for this sensual sign that appreciates comfort and style.


Stardust believes Geminis might appreciate mix-and-match swim pieces or a one-piece suit with color blocking because to their duality.


Stardust says Cancers adore nostalgia.   That suggests high-waisted bikini bottoms “in check, gingham, or any pattern with a bit of an old-fashioned feel.”


Leos should wear Stardust leopard cutaway one-piece suits or string bikinis. 


Virgos like geometric, shape-forward moments. Stardust says Virgos appreciate traditional swimming suits with side cutouts.



Libras should purchase lovely bikinis this summer, according to Stardust. She adds Libras appreciate sweet things like a bow in the center or knot details.


Scorpios are magnetized, but they won't like over-the-top swimwear. 


Stardust says Sags love prints. «They're into anything that stimulates their adventurous side» From highlighter florescent to bold print clashing, this sign loves color.


Top Stardust swim trends for Capricorns include minimalism and classicism. 

Stardust recommends silver or gold solid or printed outfits for independent Aquarius. “They would cut a rash guard top into a bikini with matching bottoms,” she explains.



Stardust says Pisces enjoy ocean vibes. “They’ll really go for string bikini in a crochet fabric,” she says.

Stay tuned for developments.