Top secret of each zodiac sign

No one wants to divulge their secret. Some impersonate others yet are different. Zodiac signs have general traits, wired differently.

They acknowledge it out loud or not, but they all know they must cheat to win. Controlling it is great, but they're constantly tempted.


They may appear confident, yet these people are uneasy and skeptical. They are open books to them if they fall in love and think this person is the one.


Foolish Gemini breakups. They're shallow because they split up without reason. They may have split if their spouse has not texted or called. 


Zodiac sign hates all pals. They feel superior to everyone, yet they'll never break ties. Another secret is that these people feel vulnerable. 


Their biggest secret is envying everyone. Jealousy dominates their judgment, so they crave what others have. They enjoy attention.


Yes, this zodiac is great at faking compliments. Never believe them. They may admire you but not feel it. They may compliment you out of politeness



Libras are cold-hearted and manipulative. Smooth-talking others into actions is their specialty. They have no guilt or shame, so don't expect it.


Too many secrets scare Scorpions. Never judge them by their poker face. They'll make you talk about yourself, but do you know your Scorpion friend? Think about it!


They avoid relationship labels and how. They may adore you, but commitment will go south. Their precious time is needed. Thus, patience is required.


Forgiveness is not their thing! They never forget! They will isolate you or make their life miserable. They avoid situations where their weaknesses may show. 

Their “harmless bantering” with friends' partners is flirting, but they won't acknowledge it. They also struggle with gangs.



Sometimes they add masala to their sob tales for attention. They are sincere yet twisted to win compassion. They have a delicate heart like French lace.

Stay tuned for developments.