Top belly-fat-burning exercises

For weight loss, most people focus on belly fat exercises. Despite popular belief, hundreds of daily stomach-firing crunches—or spot reduction workouts.


This workout works your core, chest, shoulders, lats, triceps, and quads, says Michaels. Burpees' plyometric motion will pump your heart.


High-plank wrists under shoulders. A strong core pulls your belly button toward your spine. Reach your right knee to your chest and return to plank. 

Turkish Wake-Up

Kettlebell grip in fetal position. Backwards, drive the kettlebell toward the ceiling with both hands until one side is firm.

Medicine Ball Burpees

Digestion is simple with refined carbohydrates. This lowers satiety and raises blood glucose.


The sprawl, like a burpee on steroids, engages all muscles, burns calories, and shapes and tones upper- and lower-body, especially abs. 

Side-to-Side Med Ball Slams

Premier Body & Mind creator Chris DiVecchio calls medicine ball smashes metabolic and explosive. Shoulders, obliques, hamstrings, quadriceps, and biceps power this exercise.

Overhead Med Ball Slams

Core-building anti-gravity overhead medicine ball smashes. Each overhead ball lift tests your stamina and raises your heart rate. 

Russian Twists

According to DiVecchio, the Russian twist is essential for obliques. Spin your torso with a medicine ball or plate.

BOSU Ball Planks

Aerobic exercises burn abdominal fat, you know. Work your core while reducing weight, says a NYC personal trainer.

Inclined Running

Five to 10 minutes of uphill walking or jogging. Jog for five to 10 minutes, then speed up and run. 

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