This is what people think about you, based on your zodiac sign

The most essential thing is how you feel about yourself.

Your positive energy attracts people. You thrill them.


People view you as a calm, reliable person. You're admired for your organization. People don't realize you're sensitive and easily hurt.


People lie to be around you because you're funny. You're admired for your writing and humor. 


Your friends call you a den mother because you solve problems and make everyone happy.


You stand out in a crowd almost all the time. The way you speak, your sense of style and your laugh are what draw people to you


You ignore individuals you despise because you think investing your time and energy on them is pointless. 



You can manage any work as a go-getter. People believe you can rationally assess any issue.


People are curious about your thoughts because of your secrecy. You're like a group's guru, who inspires others. 


People like your humor. You always have an explanation and a prediction when anything goes wrong. 


You take life by the horns and struggle to correct someone. You worry you'll have to explain why you hate them and ask them to quit your business. 

You adore giving love and desire plenty of intriguing friends, a meaningful partnership, rewarding career, and a better world.



Everyone believes you're their best friend and give them your whole attention.

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