This Fruit Is Sweet, Sour, and Juicy for Each Zodiac Sign

Fruit shows the Universe's love. Desserts appear like ground-grown sweet and juicy delicacies. Summer is coming, so if you consume as much fruit as I do, find out which fruits go well with each zodiac sign. Sweet or sour? Discover.

You steal attention like a pineapple. It has the largest fruit and may taste better. Mars, your warrior, may become aloof. You're often startled by how pleasant you are after people get beyond your defenses.


Grapes and you bond. As sensual, sumptuous, and romantic as you are, you've certainly dreamed about a spouse giving you grapes. Grape wine suits your mood. 


Love sweet and bitter because they suit your dual personality. Like peeling an orange and getting sticky palms before eating it. Fruity flavors make you cheerful and creative.


Kindness is peaches 'n cream. Velvety fruit reflects your calmness. As with the peach, you're sweet and sour, but that core you don't expect to bite into shows your protectiveness. 


You govern summer under the sun. The plumpest produce mango could only do a Leo credit. If juice doesn't drip down your chin when you bite into it, are you enjoying it?


Royal Virgo, eat clean. Being the zodiac sign of health and wellness, you know an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Harvest this beautiful apple in autumn. 



Do you know that giving your partner chocolate-covered strawberries spells love? Libra, of course. Your zodiac sign is romance and relationships.


Aggressive Scorpios commit. So, only the gorgeous and purifying pomegranate could symbolize you. Since Hades imprisoned Persephone for six months after eating six seeds, Scorpio represents contracts. 


Bananas make Sagittarius happy, because Jupiter rules joy, luck, and abundance. When you're hungry and don't know when you'll eat, a banana may boost your mood.


Cherries taste sweet, but Capricorns may like their darkness and mystery. Eat cherries on your front porch on a warm day or drink a bitter manhattan before chewing a maraschino. 

Like avocados, you're liked or disliked. Aquarius' controversy may garner supporters or haters. Avocado lovers love its creamy richness, but some loathe the texture.



Pisces—you're the most watery sign ever. Because you're created of malleable water, you have unlimited feelings and fantasies. Watermelon is the most hydrating fruit, so you align with its frequency. 

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