This change affects zodiac signs.

Life and light come from the Sun. Vedic astrology considers the Sun a native's soul. For astronomers, stars. Power, rule, Positivity promotes willpower, courage, confidence, and leadership. 

This Zodiac sign's native will develop confidence and excel in all endeavors. Superiors and peers will like your work. Students, self-practicers, and money-making hobbies are doing well.


Taureans, take advantage of everything now. Sun transition in Leo will elevate your spirits and help you do your best in every activity. Your relationships will also improve. 


This transition will boost stamina and strength for the third zodiac. Those born under this zodiac sign are energetic, dynamic, and multitasking. This transition period.


During this change, Cancerians were sensitive and smart. Your family may suffer from your bluntness. This period would be innovative and dedicated. For success, use these skills regularly.


All Leos will be full of enthusiasm and self-confidence as the zodiac sign lord moves into its rising sign. Family company owners take prudent risks and generate better ideas.


Virgos would be self-critical about their appearance at this time. Relax and don't be too hard on yourself. Avoid making large purchases that can drain your wallet.



Libras are confident, resolute, and spontaneous in daily life. This change may balance your finances and boost business revenues. Students can focus and finish their job on time.


Scorpio will be brave and bold. Magnetism would draw people to you. You would finish your work quickly. Seniors and coworkers may also compliment you. 


Transitioning Sagittarians would be bold and furious. Controlling others may bother you. But gently explain this. Exams will go well and students will enjoy themselves. 


The Capricorns' leadership will influence others. Even if you disagree, respect others' opinions. Stay cool and work hard. This sign may also spend lavishly, which may strain their finances. 

Aquarius might be kind but overreact to little difficulties. Talk gently with your spouse to avoid ego-clash disputes. Bosses will praise workers who work harder. 



This phase is healthy for water signs. Physical strength and immunity would peak. Stay away from spice and oil to retain it. Completing challenging tests is likely to succeed.

Stay tuned for developments.