The zodiac sign's biggest insecurity

We're all sensitive to our anxieties. People shouldn't attack us in that vulnerable area or utilize it to make us miserable. We must recognize our anxieties and weaknesses to improve. 

Aries like to be first at everything. Nothing wrong with it. Just that they're competitive and goal-oriented. Understand that failing is alright. Always bounce back.


Every area of their lives needs a solid basis. Insecure if life deviates from them. Taurus must recognize we all fall.


If Geminis don't know the latest news, rumor, or concept, they may feel uneasy. They enjoy being in the middle so they can participate to the discourse.


A house, partner, and family are important to Cancers. If their well-being is threatened, they worry about being loved back.


The prideful zodiac Leo fears public disgrace. However, they shouldn't push so hard because your charisma and self-worth are bound to wow.


Perfectionists are Virgos. That makes them most uneasy is dread of criticism. That might make them their own worst critic.



A Libra's main insecurity is unfairness. They may speak and plead for justice. Just remember that life may be unjust.


Scorpios may be passionate and hard to understand. They fear losing their privacy because they want to keep things private. They're know-it-alls and dislike surprises.


Sagittarians desire to be loved for being themselves. They are known for being forthright and opinionated. Their biggest fear is a dishonest reputation.


A Capricorn's biggest fear is low merit. These smart people know that hard effort pays dividends. Thus, their uncertainty is their greatest strength.

Although Aquarians are likeable, they become annoyed when others don't want to be friends. You can't please everyone.



Caring, loving Pisces accept others. Their intuition and sensitivity are high. Shaming is their worst insecurity. Know how to handle negative individuals around you.

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