The truthful zodiac signs, from greatest to worst

Honesty is the greatest policy, however certain zodiac signs may lie. Your zodiac sign may indicate whether you can keep a secret or will expose your boss' surprise party. 

Fire signals usually speak volumes. Aries are stubborn because of the ram. Make sure you can handle the reality before asking someone to say your favorite college jeans still look good on you.


This earth sign values stability, even if it means lying to avoid conflict. Taureans are the first to apologize in a dispute, even if they're upset you didn't notice their mutinous silences sooner.


The twins reflect Gemini's treachery. Though they intend well, they're torn between two parties, so don't take it personally if they leave your party early to go to another.


Cancer is passionate and distant, but as you get closer, their shield will break. Before you get there, call the FBI task force to decrypt their monosyllable texts.


This fire sign, symbolized by the lion, fears nothing—not even being caught at the grocery store seconds after posting a concert selfie. If asked, they'll tell you the truth; if not, they will.


Half-truths and white lies bother Virgos, straight men. Due to their attention to detail, they can calibrate their surroundings and offer you the hard truth to avoid future issues.



Libra, which symbolizes balance, is readily swayed by others, so their scales may tip in favor of their crush this week. Be prepared for them to seek public opinion before taking a stance.


Scorpio's decision to remove the bandaid isn't bad—there are other ways to express the truth. Water signs can smell BS from a mile away and tell you what you're afraid to say.


Wild Sagittarius rejects fairytales once in a lifetime. You got what you asked for when they tell the truth and go to Bali without helping you cope.


Earth signs Capricorns are practical and black-and-white. If they're not close, they may say “lol, take care” to your life problems.

Aquarius, one of the most cerebral zodiac signs, views the world clearly. They may not consider your feelings before saying that getting back together with your ex was always a bad choice.



Does a Pisces lie or believe their own fairytale? Whimsical Pisces dream, not do. They support you but may have missed your cat's funeral because they forgot to call an Uber.

Stay tuned for developments.