The most emotional zodiac signs

Some people are oversensitive due to their emotions. They may be emotional idiots depending on their decision-making abilities. 

Aries are passionate and careless, jumping into flames to satisfy themselves. They're hot-headed and unpredictable. 


They're hot-headed and unpredictable. This zodiac sign likewise indulges its desires with emotions.

This zodiac sign is known for emotional outbursts. Some call it a strength, others a weakness.


It takes them a long time to control their emotions. Too sensitive, they're nicknamed cry babies.

When questioned, people often say Librans are not emotional. But they are because they fear not finding a balance.


They may also flow from the nose. They are emotional but cover it with defensive and insulting statements.


This one is equally emotive and related with profound feelings. Scorpios are passionate, devoted, and protective. 

They are more reserved about their feelings than Pisces and Cancer. Negative emotions can cause self-destruction.


Pisces sense all emotions and are great at emotional relationships. Sometimes they are so skilled they can be dubbed psychics. 

They forgive and forget quickly yet may damage themselves.

We have some unemotional and over-practical people, but these are the most emotional zodiac signs. Is your partner one?

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