The ideal partner for your zodiac sign

We all know compatibility is key in relationships. It defines your love's endurance. Based on your personality type, we've identified the ideal boy.

No matter how much you try to hide it, you really like a good competition. Find someone who can appreciate it without getting irritated.


If you're the type that likes to take things easy, then you should look for a partner who does the same.


The short attention span both of you share necessitates a partner who is interested in a wide variety of activities.


Seek out a partner who can sympathize with your sensitive side and accept your frank manner of speaking.


Find someone who will shower you with praise and adulation because you crave that kind of attention.


You're always trying to make sense of the world, so surround yourself with rational thinkers.



You need to find someone who enjoys public displays of affection and can satisfy your need for spotlight.


Since you are a workaholic, it's important that you find a partner who shares your ambitions.


Finding someone to go on adventures with might satisfy your need for excitement.


You should choose a partner that shares your value in stability and can appreciate the path you've chosen.

You enjoy taking the initiative and leading others, therefore it's important that you choose a partner that shares this trait.



Since you value expression via artistic pursuits, your ideal partner would share this passion.

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