The ideal cat breed for your zodiac sign

Cats have always been curious, nimble, bright, and spiritual. Egypt considered these mystique-eyed people divine and linked them to Isis and Bast.

Mars symbolizes fire sign Aries. This breed is passionate, wild, and loving, much like the ram. Bengal cats are low-maintenance and suit Arians' hectic lives.


Earth sign bulls represent rich Taureans. Venus signifies love and fortune. Russian Czar-derived Blue Cats are fussy about diet and comfort;


Gemini symbolizes twins and Mercury, the planet of communication. This air sign is smart, inquiring, and friendly. 


This crab-ruled water sign is one of the most sensitive in the zodiac. Highly sensitive sphynx cats need attention and a supportive environment. 


Leo is a fire sign with a Lion. Large-hearted and attention-seeking, Leos pair well with Maine Coon cats. Their lush hair, friendly nature, and engaging energy suit Leo.


Beautiful Persian cats, which are quiet, timid, and fussy, suit Virgo's meticulousness. Earth sign Virgo, the Virgin, is law-abiding and grounded.



Weighing scales represent air signs. They are charming and sociable. Venus, the planet of love, makes them want partnerships. 


Pluto rules Scorpios' darkness and curiosity. Scorpios, the most perceptive sign, are sometimes mistaken as vindictive. The black Bombay cat is regal and fierce. 


Warm, easygoing, and adventurous define this type of cats. Sagittarius, the last fire sign, is an archer. They love to travel, take risks, and believe.


Earth sign Capricorn is goal-oriented. Saturn, time, laws, and regulations, governs it. They're driven. The aggressive, independent servals suit them. 

Uranus rules this air sign, one of the smartest in the zodiac. Slender, playful, and active, Cornish Rex breed. They are kind and talkative.



Long-haired and heavy-boned, this Burmese cat is said to have originated. This bashful cat only mates with one person.

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