The Best Zodiac Sign Workout

All of us like specific workout routines or activities. Do you ever wonder why you choose Bootcamp over yoga?

Aries enjoys challenging themselves with skill-testing exercises. 


Taurus, you may dislike exercise. Venus oversees your comfort and new sensory delights like chocolate or wine in your favorite sweats. 


Buddy up. It's scientifically proved to encourage anybody, especially your sociable sign. 


Cancer, you tend to let your emotions take over, therefore you require meditation to stay grounded.


Dancing, Zumba, and Ballet Barre suit Leos who love the spotlight. Any exercise class with a good soundtrack and intensity suits you.


"Virgo is a loner in its pursuit of perfection, so it needs a sport that requires physical and mental effort," adds Williams.



Libras thrive at soccer, flag football, and volleyball. "Libras excel at cooperating," adds Williams. "A team sport helps Libras bond with others."


From one Scorpio to another, we're intense. Boxing is fantastic for fighting mental demons and pushing us to our limits, which is why we love it.


Sag, you live for adventure, so your finest exercises are outside and seldom seem like workouts—they're just new things to cross off your bucket list. 


You appreciate physically demanding and emotionally uplifting activities to silence your inner critic.

"Aquarius requires the most independence, and biking can accomplish two aims. 



Take Pisces to the river and dump you in. You like anything aquatic, but additional points for anything interesting:

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