The Best Zodiac-Recommended Bedding

When life becomes rough, people look to the skies for solutions. Will love find me? Is my route right? All of it means what? Percale or Sateen?

The classic fire sign is Aries. Natural leaders, pioneers, and CEOs qualify. So it's no wonder they sleep hot. 


Tauruses are sensual and enjoy great music, delicious food, and Parachute bedding. They may look lazy in their pursuit of comfort. 


Geminis, represented by the Twins, master combination, communication, and influence. They adore experimenting and sharing results.


Water sign Cancer is one of the most sensitive. They like roots and resist change. To fulfill their reliability needs,


Leos are Sun-ruled royalty. Their confidence, warmth, and personality are huge. 


Ultimate perfectionists are Virgos. Making their bed is a ritual for them, and without it, they're restless. This is why we recommend a multi-part bed. Like Linen Venice Set, 



Like its symbol, The Scales, Libras seek life and bedding balance. Brushed Cotton is our best-selling Organic Cloud Cotton Quilt with a lighter structure for their taste.


Change may be easier with Scorpio, the planet of transformation. They need linen sheets that keep them warm in winter and cool in summer. 


Sagittarius are kind, honest, and good at pleasing others. They can also be quite independent. 


The Capricorn philosophy is work hard, live big. They go the additional mile for every work. However, they like enjoying and showcasing their work.  

Uranus, the planet of freedom and change, rules Aquarius. They are innovators, humanitarians, and trend setters who prioritize personal freedom. 



Two fish swimming in opposite directions represent Pisces. They dream often and trust in humanity. Pisces would love a lovely Organic Cotton Sheet Set.

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